Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wired wrongly

I'm eccentric. No, i mean it comes to me very naturally. I think of people i haven't met for along time and make up imaginary conversations in my mind, envisaging what it would be like to have bumped into them all of a sudden. I fall in love with people without knowing, buy them things for the sake of nothing and then at times stop and tell myself that may have been too silly.

That takes me to another issue. I think i have forgotten how to make friends. I mean close friends. Remember when we could sit with someone, chat with her and then realise that we were made for each other and would go back to one another for everything. Well, even if that could be a short stayed relationship and we may realise that we arent actually pieces of the same jig saw puzzle, at least the initial part of socializing came naturally. Now, i have to painfully make it up. Sigh!

There was a time when I did not know anything about myself and was really happy. (well not necessarily happy that i was clueless about it, am pointing towards the blissfulness of now knowing about the not knowing). Years later, I am still trying to understand myself and now since i know about the not knowing, im not happy. Get the point?

Guess it's time to go for a shrink. My poor new blog has become a garbage bin of sorts. :)

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