Thursday, June 2, 2016


We are born to change. My Four and a half year old was a different person two years ago. And i realise she will change more as time shall pass. Dont we all? I am not the same that i was five or ten or maybe fifteen years ago.
But though we may change, our souls remain the same. At least they should. So we feed it with good thoughts and good deeds and save it from getting scarred to the extent possible.
We may then change multiple times, but would always remain good people. 


Today I'm in a total look at myself mood. And contrary to what the wise would do, I turn to facebook - a world where every one looks so skittishly happy that the gunk literally explodes in your face. Of course, that's not true.. i tell myself. Look at the brighter side in life! Wait a minute, most of the wise would certainly do that!
Then i see a pic of a friends friend who traveled to some remote 'hilly paradise'. One of the pics was a giant hand (well, it was a close up) holding some food served in a giant leaf which was drying at ends and showing off particles of what seemed like dust. My mind instantly wanders to the newspaper article that talked about tapeworms and a relating interview in a shady news channel (yeah, they are all gung ho about how tapeworms are invading the Earth and shall rule humankind for the times to come).
I bury my head into my tired arms and sigh. Forget it.