Thursday, June 2, 2016


Today I'm in a total look at myself mood. And contrary to what the wise would do, I turn to facebook - a world where every one looks so skittishly happy that the gunk literally explodes in your face. Of course, that's not true.. i tell myself. Look at the brighter side in life! Wait a minute, most of the wise would certainly do that!
Then i see a pic of a friends friend who traveled to some remote 'hilly paradise'. One of the pics was a giant hand (well, it was a close up) holding some food served in a giant leaf which was drying at ends and showing off particles of what seemed like dust. My mind instantly wanders to the newspaper article that talked about tapeworms and a relating interview in a shady news channel (yeah, they are all gung ho about how tapeworms are invading the Earth and shall rule humankind for the times to come).
I bury my head into my tired arms and sigh. Forget it.

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