Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stories from Hair and There

What's so much hair doing on your head? Trust me, you have no idea of the perks of going bald, or being so. The glamour of that shiny pate visible through the black seemingly disturbing strands of hair is much like silver linings through dark clouds. It stands there looking at you, showing you the mirror of reality. This is what it is. Its like life. It's there and then it's not there. Only, this process is a slower motion of the former. In a nutshell, what was the crowing glory in one era is a clowning story in another. Invariably, thus, bald/balding people are wiser and less self indulgent than many others with their little heads overflowing with hairy tufts of vanity.

Notwithstanding the fact that you take simply a few seconds to decide a hairstyle (or a hairlessstyle, whichever's the case), you dont have to spend a dime on futile hair spas and massages. When its all clear, why fear? For those who have ventured into mommiehood and have beautiful daughters with beautiful hair, well, right guess, there is always buffer time to dress them up! And believe you me, when you are travelling in Mumbai locals, the lesser hair you have on your head, better it is. When the trains speed up wildly blowing many a mane into the air, you don't want to end up a menace to the community which is already hassled enough with pollution and politics.

For those who are not married yet and are horrified with the prospects of presenting their receding hairlines to prospective candidates, please be well aware of the fact that with all that coloring and straightening they are already on the path to where you currently stand. So gleam with pride and welcome them in advance. :)

Ever wondered why all the models in the ads have beautiful hair? Duh! That's why its called an advertisement! If things they said were actually real, there would have been no woes in the universe.. no world wars in the history of mankind, and Kejriwal would have done more and whined less!

And finally, tell me.. which of the following were better?
Captain Cook that slipped fast from fingers or Tata namak that stuck to them?
2014 Macbook Air that has 1.4 GHz, in vogue Intel Core processor or a normal white hued desktop computer from the 1990's?
The super fast Ferrari or our 'good old' Premier Padmini?

If all our hair has to shed one day anyway (one by one or whatever), then those who are bald/balding are only shedding it faster. So what does that make them? Eons ahead to their lesser mortal peers!!

So pull up your collars and say with pride - I am bald/balding. There is nothing to panic, nothing to be ashamed about! That's your style... wear it boldly! And the next time someone quips about your 'clowning story', tell them to go update their slow and backdated processors. :)

Way to go!

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