Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How to overcome a habit...

Sharanya usually doesn't like people disappearing into bathrooms. For her, this absence means total lack of contact and since she can't see what's happening, she is uncertain and thus scared whether we would come out of it soon or what. Though she doesn't mind or question the purpose of the visit, she surely does abhor the thought of being left 'alone' (even if that means just a couple of minutes). Our usual way to overcome this is leaving the scene quietly and getting the work done. I mean, obviously, we cant come up with anything more creative (or lets say defensive) in such 'delicate' circumstances. But that comes with caveats. One of them being deafening screams and the baby standing right outside the bathroom's door as we hurry with our ahem.. work (which, unfortunately, seems quite outside the realms of being voluntary when under pressure to perform faster). I know, it's tricky. But I must admit that I have seen this in quite a few toddlers - the anxiety when their parent goes into the bathroom. Quite inexplicable i must say. However, there's no other way around it. Some day, they would have to learn that going in is followed by coming out and that they are not actually being left out from whatever 'fun' we are thought of being having there (no puns intended ;)). Apparently, my lil one has learnt of other ways of coping with this....
This happened when she was at my in laws' place, and my mom in law sneaked out to visit the loo lest she created a ruckus. But then, she did realise the 'lack of presence' (if i can call it so) and started howling at the top of her voice. My father in law was left helpless as she simply wouldn't calm down. So he took her into the kitchen and gave her a lil bit of sugar to eat. To his relief, the situation at hand was immediately put under control. The next day, when Sharanya discovered that her Grandma was in to the loo, she went to her Granddad and asked, "Achhacha, where is Achhamma?" "In the bathroom..." he replied and braced himself for the repercussions. Sharanya blinked and said, "Achhachha, i want sugar." 
There... matter resolved. :)

I Discovered. Bribing doesn't always lead to corruption. ;)

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