Monday, August 5, 2013


Some days are so powerful. You get up like a huge fireball of energy, crackling with such levels of enthusiasms you dont know what to do much with. When your itinerary comprises errands and not valuation of huge debt laden infrastructure projects, you are usually left over with the euphoria that leaves you bouncing for more. Today is such day. I have't been able to study much for an oncoming competitive examination (yes, iss umar mein bhi) but even then, the long to do list was worrying me till yesterday.. not anymore. :)

And it is during these days that you cross analyse yourself and thank God that you are different from so many people around you. Underlying intention - to point out that i like seeing the differences around me and celebrate them once in a while (okay, maybe not always like on an everyday every minute basis.. that would be irritating and scary). It is a pleasure-some act. I spent my weekend at my in-laws' place this weekend as my home was to undergo a pest control process (my folks cant seem to get rid of me, so they're trying to pressurize the others ;)) So i had the pleasure of working with my ma in law in the kitchen after a long time. I couldnt help but realise how much i missed her slow, patient approach to cooking. When im in the kitchen, i usually tend to work in a manner which makes sure i finish my work asap. With the baby shrieking for attention, and all routine morning chores pending, i dont even waste a minute for anything lest i lose valuable time. I've taken after my mom when it comes to working in the kitchen. But mummy (ma in law) is totally the opposite. She is the.. umm.. epitome of patience and simplicity. If it takes time, so be it. Having said that, she is never late in finishing any task. She is one of the most punctual people i have seen. So, the point im trying to drive here is that after having worked in a way where speed is the essence, working at a slow pace, with someone telling you that its okay... to do it this way.. to keep the flame at the lowest point.. to let the broth boil for two minutes more.. and also that i could leave, and that would be taken care of, was so reassuring. It was eye opening... to work slowly, without having to worry about the time. I realised how attractive simplicity can be; how pleasing it can be to do a chore in a way that if it were the last chore to be done by you on earth, you know you couldn't have done better...

So i got up today feeling so simple and uncluttered. I had loads to do but that dint worry me. I took the chore one at a time and got it done with. Some i postponed for tomorrow because as someone wise told me, poore saal ka khana ek din me nahi kha sakte... ;)

I Discovered. When my friends talk about having gone to their mothers' place for a vacation and how they spent their entire days doing nothing and having nothing to worry about, i gawk at them and smile, a little envious that i cant have that pleasure anymore, now that Ma's physically and emotionally dependent on me due to her medical history. When parents become dependent on you, the child in you dies a natural death. You grow up in ways you cant have imagined - overnight. So much so that after some time you cant successfully relate to the feeling of having been a child once. But you learn to love them in a different way. And you learnt to be patient with them in a way that pays off for their dedication of having raised you. But as i said, i discovered. :) i discovered that I have my mother in law to fall back on. It's a relief to know you can actually be a child and let others take control of your life at times. At times, its comforting to know that you can take a break from driving this roller coaster, sit back and enjoy the ride :) Love the way life comes up with solutions... :)

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