Monday, March 16, 2015

The Ride and the Rider

Take back the reins you handed me,
It's better you ride me home.
And on the way you may sing me
my favorite lullaby song.

Let me sleep unbounded
let me dream of the skies;
let me hear you breathe
near me, as i close my eyes.

Ah it's so amazing
this beautiful snowy dream;
Hush the noises lest they
wake me up again.

Dont tell me it's all over
dont say that it's time;
that we're back to where it started
and that it shall be fine.

Once the circus starts
the show would have to go on
and on the vicious hamster wheel
shall run the hapless clown.

So just a few more winks
before the sky turns blue;
Let me enjoy these moments
of being ferried by you.

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