Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Enemies of Promise

She caught herself gawking at a beautiful girl who just walked in, as she waited for her turn with the doc. The broad black spectacles that framed her eyes looked large for her face, not to mention maybe a tad too bit heavy for the little nose which was almost pink... due to the AC or the weight, only the Goddess of the tropical rainforests of India will know. Not that the incumbent was not straight, but truth is usually strange isnt it? So is a woman's mind. So she continued to gawk, awestruck at the beauty - was it what she dint have what struck her hard? or was it what she thought she could never have that blew her off? So, coming back to the scene, the description of which would only look more and more sinister and increasingly vulgar if left open and unexplained to the minds of those who may possibly think in ways more than one, this lass, like the many others who are usually gawked at by men and women both, scratched her forehead with her manicured finger and blinked, chagrined by the doctor who had the audacity to leave her waiting for him. Oh no, there were no vibes of self importance, nor that of vanity... It was just the protagonists misinterpretation. Maybe she was too tired to wait. Anyway, without digressing, what caught the attention of the incumbent who was trying too hard not to stare, was that how and why this little miss perfect, with her highlighted hair and petite rear, looked so simple and yet so beautiful without having to try too hard. In that, albeit the 'modest' pair of jeans and the simple black tee may have been some brand from the other side of the word, it did look so deceivingly simple. Yuck, she told herself.. shame on you... is this what is left of your self esteem? And then went on with the visual odyssey....

The pink toenails were exquisitely painted in some magically transparent color and the little feet rested on these (Oh not again!) simple pair of flats that had some yellow stones lined up everywhere reminding her of those set of teeth that chewed a gum and glistened in the dark (remember that ad?). Did someone mention teeth? Not that the pearly white smile on this face intimidated her (like she would admit it!), but yeah she did give it some credit for the same. What was that again? Oh yeah, self esteem. Sad, that there are some existences that make one feel on the wrong side of the age, the wrong side of the scale and the wrong side of the world. Like there has been some huge mistake in the assembly line of creations. Like some useful function went horribly wrong and made the rest of the batch look like cretins. She recalled a friend who once told her they would all be fat hairless chickens one day. So this is what they call the Judgement Day. Somebody call Mr Speilberg. Oh shucks but goods once sold cant be returned here. Or can they? Maybe Rakhi Sawant would know better... And, in that peaceful drone of hospital machines, she closed her eyes and shut off the world for a second. "You seem to be thinking about something." her companion asked. "Yeah, she said... Something about 'enemies of promise'.", she chuckled to herself, wore the headset, and switched on the FM.